Body of WWII soldier found & returned to family after being lost at sea for 74 years

A World War II soldier is finally being laid to rest.

His body was discovered after being lost at sea for nearly three quarters of a century.

Army captain Elwood J. Euart was last accounted for in October 1942.

The soldier, from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, died a hero - saving six men on the sinking Coolidge, a cruise liner converted troop transport vessel.

He went down with the Coolidge, and was lost at sea for 74 years.

Decades later, three of his nephews, who never met him, greeted the casket during a full military ceremony, on the TF Green tarmac, Saturday morning.

The family saying they appreciate that their loved one was never forgotten.

One family member was asked about a picture their grandmother kept by her bed her entire life.

"On her night stand," they replied. "Ever since I was a little kid, and I would just look at the picture, wondering what he was like, wishing I could have met him."

Captain Euart's wake set for Tuesday.

He will be buried next to his parents Wednesday.