Boy in the Box: Police tease 'significant update' in decades old Philadelphia cold case

Investigators in Philadelphia teased a ‘significant update’ to one of the longest running cold cases in the city's history.

Known as ‘The Boy in the Box’ and ‘America’s Unknown Child,' the 1957 murder of a young boy has garnered national attention.

Police say the boy, estimated to be 4-6 years old, was found severely beaten and wrapped in a blanket in a box on a street in Fox Chase.

Scant leads have emerged to help police identify the child over the last 65 years, until Wednesday when police announced new information. 

Authorities are expected to release their findings at a press conference sometime next week, including the possible identification of the victim.

The Vidocq society - experts at cracking cold cases - have pushed for answers using DNA developments and genealogy testing.

"Through hard work, investigational good luck, science, and the grace of God, we will put a name on that memorial," Chief Science Officer for Vidocq Dr. Michael Rieders said.