Boy Scout Finds Money In Comic Book, Returns It To Owner In Need

RAYTOWN, Mo. (WDAF-TV)- An 11-year-old Boy Scout got more than he bargained for when brought a comic book to school.

When Quincy Stevenson opened up the book, which he brought from his house, a bank envelope fell out.

It was filled with $160. Quincy told his teacher and counted out the bills. When he got home, he told his family what had happened.

As it turned out, Quincy's dad knew who the money belonged to, and knew they had been missing it for more than 20 years.

It belonged to Mr. Stevenson's friend, Cory.

It appears Cory could use the extra money. He and his wife were recently involved in a bad car accident, and the extra cash gave them a little help with their bills.

"It makes me feel happy and sad, sad that I couldn't keep it and happy that it helps him with his bills and stuff that he has," said Quincy.

"Yeah I am extremely proud, I mean this is the way I'm trying to raise my family," said Michael Stevenson, Quincy's dad.

Mr. Stevenson explained that the cash had been stashed away for 22 years. At the time, Cory was saving up in hopes to buy a car. When he went to finally buy a car he was missing a little more than $100. Now he has some kind of explanation as to where that money had been.

Editor's Note: The $20 bills seen in the story were not the bills found inside the envelope in the comic book. The Stevensons took the envelope to a bank for safe keeping, and the pre-1996 designed bills were exchanged for bills that feature the modern design.