Boy with leukemia, 6, pulls over a 'suspect' after becoming highway cop for a day

A 6-year-old boy with leukemia spent the day as an officer with the California Highway Patrol, pulling over a "suspect" and shooting a radar gun at traffic.

Tristan, who has been battling leukemia for three years, joined the Golden Gate division of the California Highway Patrol, dressed in uniform.

He started off his day by using a radar gun to monitor traffic and later apprehended a "suspect," a fellow officer, who was driving too fast.

"We saw right away that Tristan was an especially brave kid and knew immediately he would make a fine Highway Patrolman; and for one special day, a very special boy became a CHP officer," the Patrol wrote on its Facebook page, where they posted an adorable video of Tristan's day with officers.

"As children, many of us dreamed of being California Highway Patrol Officers. We imagined [sic] that one day we would be able to protect others. We stared at the shiny gold star and dreamed of one day becoming a CHP Officer…This little boy dreams of becoming a CHP Officer when he grows up,"' the Patrol wrote.

"I think this is the suspect," says an officer in a video captured by the CHP. Tristan sat next to him, excitedly watching as they pulled over the driver.

Tristan took the motorist's license and registration, and after letting him off the hook, says, "Have a safe day."

"Let's go find another one!" he excitedly tells the officer.

They then go off to check out the Patrol's helicopter fleet, and the crew showered him with gifts.

Tristan's visibly emotional father said after the ride, "Thank you, it means so much to me, him. It gives him something to strive for."

"He's stronger than I could have ever been when I was younger. It's been a long time since I've seen a smile that big," he said.

Pleased with their new recruit, the Patrol posted to Facebook: "Welcome to the family, kiddo."