Brave Homeowner Tackles Intruder and Wrestles Gun From His Hands

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (INSIDE EDITION)- Surveillance footage shows an unarmed San Francisco homeowner bravely tackling an intruder who allegedly entered his garage brandishing a gun.

In the footage, which was shared by the police, the suspect pounces on the homeowner before they wrestle each other to the ground. The determined homeowner can be seen trying to pin down the suspect to stop him from getting away.

The men wrestle for a few minutes on the ground before the homeowner finally holds him down for long enough to grab the man's gun and run into the street. Police say the suspect then fled the scene.

A spokesperson for the Taraval Police Department said the victim told them he was taking his garbage cans inside when the suspect walked into his garage holding a handgun.

Police posted the video on YouTube and are appealing to the public for help identifying him. He has been described as a black male aged between 23 and 27 years and approximately 5'10" tall.

"If you can identify the suspect seen in the video, contact Sgt Farrell with Taraval S.I.T.," they said.