Breast Cancer Survivors Reclaim Their Bodies With Tattoos Across Their Chest

Following mastectomies, these breast cancer survivors found a creative and inspiring way to reclaim their bodies - with tattoos.

Through the foundation, survivors were matched with artists so that their chests could be turned into works of art.

Danny, a tattoo artist, said: "It is a way to give back and change someone's life for the better."

In video posted on YouTube by HooplaHa, explains their mission with the story of one survivor.

Christine, a survivor, said: "I remember thinking: 'I am losing the things that fed my child. How is that going to be when they are gone?"

She added: "Relationships change. My marriage did not last through the course of attending the disease and the surgeries."

She said that the entire trauma was located in her chest and that she's now reclaiming it.

"With the tattoo, those hours of engraving my chest with that beautiful images was a process of releasing a lot that of trauma," Christine said. "It is continuing to shed for me."

The ink is to serve as a reminder that the person survived and that they have been given a chance to continue. It also reminds the survivors to never, ever give up.

The organization currently has over 50 tattoo survivors and it's growing.

For and the woman who get inked: "Breast cancer doesn't have to leave the last mark."

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