Bucks County cleans up after snow storm knocks down trees, power lines

Downed trees, damaged cars, power outages all made for rough going March 7. The mess created headaches for residents.

"It was a big one, definitely a big one. Roads closed, trees down, power knocked out," said homeowner George Schurstein.

The scene across parts of Bucks County Thursday, March 8 was one involving homeowners like Schurstein digging their way out from under 16 inches of snow in places like Richboro and Northampton.

"Oh man, it's hard. It's hard, I'm really struggling. I mean, the plow came up the street. The snow's like yo and I'm working," said Schurstein.

The generator was powered up at Tristan Weisenbach's house on Patricia Drive. His family spent the last 24 hours relying on an idling generator in the driveway to provide power to their home.

"Yesterday, at around two o'clock, we lost power and we haven't had it back since. Luckily, we have the generator going," Weisenbach said.

As Tristan's family waited for the power to be turned back on, power crews were busy all over the area repairing downed lines. FOX 29 found a crew from ComEd in Illinois lending PECO a hand on East Holland Road where downed trees knocked out lines.

"We lost power for about three hours, but we're okay. We made it through," said Schurstein.

"A lot of power outages, lots of branches down. Last night we lost it for a little bit," said homeowner Kevin Nolte.

Nolte's power was only out for a few hours. He spent most of his day clearing his driveway with his tractor as well as plowing nearly a foot and a half of snow from the driveway of his neighbors across the street. It's a good deed he doesn't mind doing at all.

"They're probably in their mid-eighties. I've been doing it for a while, last couple years," explained Nolte.

At least two main roads in Northampton Township were closed for downed electric lines. Upper Holland Road was blocked because of downed wires between Chestnut and Glenfield, forcing drivers to detour onto other roads. No matter where a person went, Wednesday's quick hitting, heavy snowfall left lots of cleanup work.