Bucks County neighborhood gets creative for trick-or-treaters amid COVID-19 pandemic

A Bucks County neighborhood is getting creative for trick-or-treaters this year during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I thought if I leave a bowl and everyone has to reach and grab something,” said Lynn Rutecki. “I don’t want to be the cause of anything.” 

Rutecki, dressed as Willie Wonka, is planting a fun-size garden outside her Middletown Township home. Instead of asking kids to pick from a candy bowl, trick-or-treaters will have to pick from the ground. 

“I thought this way everyone can touch their own candy and be on their way.” 

She and her son, Jake dressed as Charlie, glued candy pieces to wooden stickers that will poke out of the grass, like a candy garden. 

In Levittown, Heather Schrey usually answers her door for trick-or-treaters. This year, she will send sweets down a slide for a ride! 

“Mom can stand up at the top and just shoot the candy down into the candy bags,” said Schrey. “It’s mom’s favorite holiday and she is immunocompromised so we were a little concerned as to how she can do it. We didn't want her missing out.” 

The Schrey family says they were not going to let social distancing ruin their fun. Instead, it inspired them to build a spooky skeleton candy chute. 

Per CDC guidelines, trick or treaters are encouraged to move in small groups. Now neighbors hope the only scary thing about this Halloween is the costumes, not covid cases. 

“For the kids' purpose, we are hoping to try and keep it as normal as possible. However we do want proper precautions being taken,” said Schrey.


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