Bucks County woman loses irreplaceable necklace and last connection to parents

A Bucks County woman has lost a necklace. But, not just any necklace. It was more than just a piece of jewelry.

"I wore it every day for 15 years. I never took it off except for bed," said Trish Blake showing FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson a picture of Blake wearing a necklace that means the world to her, but is now gone.

"I'm heart broken. Just heartbroken over the loss of my necklace," she said. It's hard to imagine what she's going through. The necklace is one of a few things Blake's mom Joann left to her when she died.

"That was my best friend. I lost my mom 15 years ago in January," she said.

Trish believes she lost the necklace Wednesday while she was out on South State Street in Newtown. She had gone out to the Salt Cave, a wellness center and then had lunch at Cafe Con Leche. She says somewhere behind the businesses walking from one entrance to another and then to her car the necklace must have fallen off.

"My husband and I came back and searched for hours and couldn't find it. We went to the police station and just started posting to Facebook," said Trish. She showed Wilson the path she took and where she remembers last having the necklace and the area she and her husband have been searching ever since with a flashlight. She says the necklace is more memories than value.

"It's a beautiful Celtic cross that was left to me by mom. It's just a simple cross with a diamond in the center. A small diamond chip," she said. What hurts even more is that the day she lost it is the first time she says she's really left the house since her father Robert died a month ago to the day.

"It was my last connection to her and to him. This means everything to me. It's just everything to me," she cried.

Anyone with knowledge of where Trish's necklace is can send a message to the Fox29 Facebook page or call 215-982-5500 to help return it to her.