Busch Beer is giving free beer for life to those who find secret forest pop-up shop

Drink responsibly and support national parks this summer.

Busch Beer is setting up a secret pop-up shop Saturday, July 20, and is asking you to find it — but only if you like free beer and beer-themed merchandise.

The American-made beer’s mascot, Busch Guy, has posted five clues on Twitter leading to the temporary “Pop Up Schop,” revealing that it is in Missouri’s Mark Twain National Forest along the Kaintuck Trail.

Everyone who shows up at the pop-up will be entered to win a lifetime supply of Busch Beer, a cabin getaway for four and passes to U.S. national parks, as well as have access to exclusive merchandise.

The hidden pop-up goes along with Busch Beer’s partnership with the National Forest Foundation — which the beer has teamed up with to plant more trees to “ensure these lands stay healthy and vibrant for generation[s] to come.”

Busch has vowed to plant 100 trees to everyone who shows up at the pop-up shop.

For the final clue on where the pop-up shop will be, follow Busch Beer on Twitter.