Business owner gives opportunity to homeless Camden man

Napoleon Smith, a 35-year-old Camden resident, has been living on the streets since he was 18. He currently sleeps at a Rite Aid.

"What lead me here was that I was hard-headed. I hung out with the wrong people, the wrong crowd," Smith said.

In speaking about what lead him to homelessness, Smith said it was more than hanging out with the wrong crowd.

"My childhood growing up [influenced this]. Sometimes we judge a person and don't know what lead them to be out here," he said.

James Henderson, owner of a private security company, says he has known Smith for over 10 years. 

"I met him at the CVS. He use to be outside asking for change, asking for help. People would give change but never any help," Henderson said.

After deciding to do something to help Smith have a chance at a better life, Henderson says he cleaned Smith up, gave him a haircut, then put a uniform on him and gave him a job.

"I want to thank James for taking the time to work with me after all these years. I want to thank God most of all," Smith said.

Smith hasn't been in contact with any of his family in years. Though he is headed in a good direction, Henderson started a GoFundMe to help get Smith a room to rent because after he's finished working.



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