Camden County couple works to keep legacy of Michael Jackson alive

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, would be sixty-three this year if not for his death in 2009. One Camden County couple is keeping his legacy alive. FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer explains.

It is not a Michael Jackson shrine, but more like a museum inside Ryan and Vernay’s Winslow Township home. 

"I never thought it would go to this level," Ryan said. From floor to ceiling, every inch of space gone. It’s filled will their favorite Jackson collectables.

"We still have stuff under here, stuff in the attic," Vernay said.

During the pandemic, they managed to turn their garage into a gallery of sorts. Filled with dolls, pins, and you name it. Ryan actually started collecting albums, cereal boxes, and posters long before he met Vernay. He’s a fan of the Jackson 5 and Vernay is more of Michael’s solo career.

"It's just that that level of expertise and magic that he brought; there's no other artist that gave that sense of feeling," Vernay explains.

Just this year, Ryan and Vernay were voted on having the best Michael Jackson collection in the world.

"When you put us in the same house together, there's no voice of reason. So there's nobody to talk the other one out of it," Vernay said. "If you have one person that loves Michael and one that doesn't, somebody else says, well, you know, that's too expensive. You probably shouldn't get that. That doesn't happen here."



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