Burlington County family turns donating sandwiches into large scale mission

A Burlington County mom and her daughters started an initiative when COVID first struck, turning their family activity of donating sandwiches to a local shelter into a large scale project. 

Sisters Ella and Annabel Hovnanian were determined to make a difference when COVID-19 struck, so that's when they turned their family activity of donating sandwiches to the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden into a large scale project

"We had been making 3 or 400 a month just as our family Then when COVID hit obviously we could not walk into Wegmans and get 30 loaves of bread so we went down to 50 and the girls were concerned we are only bringing 50 and I said to them every sandwich counts," mom Tamar Hovnanian said.

One social media post later, cars were lined up outside their house donating their homemade sandwiches, water bottles, and more

Their effort got so big that they had to expand their donation sites in Philadelphia.

The family is quick to give away the credit for the 37,000 sandwiches that they have helped to donate so far and just says that this is an incredible opportunity for them.


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