Canadian family reunited with lost dog after 5 days

A Canadian couple who lost their family dog while visiting Philadelphia has been reunited with their pup after a five day search.

Odie, a small chihuahua, got away from his owners Katie and Andy on the evening of August 19. The couple were in the Kensington area for a funeral and were scheduled to fly back to their home country on Friday.

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"We have been looking for him all night and we desperately need your help to find him," the family wrote in an urgent Facebook post on Tuesday.

"We have two kids at home who are waiting and I refuse to go home without the third one," she said. 

After scouring the area for and spreading the word online, Odie was found safe Saturday afternoon. 

"I don’t have any words right now. Everyone.... Odie was found and he is with us now," a post on the 'Get Odie Home' Facebook page read.

"We need to bring him in to a vet to be checked now, he is really really skinny, dehydrated, filthy and exhausted... but HE IS SAFE AND HOME."