Canadian photographer captures breathtaking time-lapse of aurora borealis

A Canadian photographer captured beautiful time-lapsed footage of the aurora borealis and it is breathtaking.

Siv Heang Tav, a Calgary-based photographer in Crossfield, Alberta, recorded a time-lapse of the night sky on June 10 and subsequently captured a shimmering aurora borealis and a dreamy landscape.

The stunning video shows the eerily beautiful green glow that the aurora borealis has become known for and below the sky is a quietly gleaming river, dotted with the light of fireflies on the banks. 

“Temperatures were a bit cold, so the fireflies were not actively flying much, just blinking in the grass,” Heang Tav said.

“In the video you can see aurora, a faint glow from noctilucent clouds on the horizon, and fireflies glowing in the grass both in the foreground and on the opposite side of the lake,” she added.

Heang Tav is a full-time mom and part-time server by day and an astrophotographer by night, according to her Instagram account.

Storyful contributed to this report.