Cancer survivor meets her hero, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is 10-year old leukemia survivor Marissa Peddie's hero. And on Saturday, Marissa got the chance to tell her that.

Thanks to some last-minute anonymous donations to the Children's Dream Fund, Marissa's wish came true.

She and her mom were given free seats in a suite for Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour in Tampa, and a backstage meeting with the leading lady herself.

Marissa says she was a little starstruck. Still, she didn't miss an opportunity to sing to Swift.

"I sang 'Trouble.' She said she liked the riff I did at the end. And she said I was really brave singing in front of someone I didn't know," Marissa said Monday.

Marissa credits that strength to Taylor's songs. Her melodies soothed her soul and lifted her spirit during her darkest hours.

"We're getting close to the end of her treatment and I think this will carry her through and beyond," Marissa's mom, Jennifer said.

The memories still bring a huge smile to Marissa's face.

"She dressed up like Olaf in the middle of the concert. I'm like what the heck is she wearing!" she laughed.

It's an experience she'll never forget. She has a message to the unknown fairy-godmothers that made her dream come true:

"You guys are like my family and I love you so much to the deep down bottom of my heart," she smiled.

Marissa is in remission. Her last treatment is in February.