Cars vandalized in North Philadelphia after Eagles' win

It wasn't all fun and games after the Eagles' win Sunday night, some people had their cars vandalized in North Philadelphia.

Orlando Rosardo's minivan was one of several cars--almost a dozen--marked with green spray paint.

It happened as football fans spilled into the streets celebrating following the Eagles' victory Sunday night on the 1500 block of North 16th near Temple's campus.

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"My sister called me and said, 'Hey, come outside somebody spray-painted your car," Joy Wall told FOX 29.

The young mother, who works and goes to college, says she shares the same excitement over the big win but these vandals crossed a few lines

"This car is really part of my livelihood. I have to get to work and I just really don't appreciate it," she said.

She has no money to fix it right now. She'll scrabble to get to work, class and daycare.