Catholic school kicks out kids after mom posts explicit photos online

A Sacramento mother is speaking out after her kids were kicked out of Catholic school because she has explicit photos online.

Crystal Jackson says her three sons were expelled from Sacred Heart Parish School because of her OnlyFans page.

Jackson says posting images on the adult, membership-based website has helped her marriage, and now earns her $150,000 a month.

But when a father came across her page last year, word spread, and parents contacted the parish to have her family removed.

 "There is this contract that says 'We reserve the right to disqualify your student, your children,'" said attorney Mark Reichel. "If we think it violates something  or that we don't like or is inconsistent with the mission of the school." 

The couple sent a letter to the school agreeing to remove their children if necessary, but they claim the school never responded.

Then the principal emailed them Sunday saying the family was no longer welcome.

Jackson tells People Magazine she hopes her story will encourage women to be kinder to one another and to treat others the way they want to be treated.