Caught on Camera: Fight breaks out at Sips

Center City Sips is meant to be a time for the community to come together over a drink. Well, that was not the case on Wednesday night, instead it turned into a happy hour brawl. Chances are you've already seen the video gone viral.

"I never encountered a situation where a fight has broken out or anything like that. I think everyone wants to get together and have a good time," Erin Rheiner told FOX 29.

Erin Rheiner was among the estimated 3,000 young professionals at the Wednesday night summer happy hour series Center City Sips.

"Over the years it may have become a bit more rowdy or more aggressive," she explained.

The brawl between six guys cleared out by the time two Philly police officers got there but they say they're still investigating.

"If anyone comes forward and says I got assaulted last night trust me the book is not closed just because we didn't see it yesterday," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew said.

As fast as it ended it was posted instantly on social media

The fight happened just outside chops restaurant where they are stepping up security.

"As Center City Sips has gotten more popular and populated we increased security measures here we currently have about a dozen officers here to manage our Wednesday Sips activities," Peter Breslow said.

Police say there were no arrests and as far as they know no injuries.