Caught on camera, thieves are seen taking expensive video games, Xboxes in Delaware County

Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!

The guy is caught in the act in Delaware County. Police say he was lurking at night on the streets in Springfield.

He was, apparently, hoping people forgot to lock their cars. He’s accused of doing this more than half a dozen times.

“This occurred Friday night into Saturday morning and Saturday night into Sunday morning,” stated Springfield Township Police Chief Joseph Daly.

“You think it’s the same guy?” asked FOX 29’s Joyce Evans.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” Chief Daly replied.

Same guy, seven properties, multiple vehicles. A couple near the police station, unlocked with valuables inside and he couldn’t care less about home security cameras catching him.

“It’s hard to predict when they’re going to hit and where they’re going to hit because they’re all over the place. They pick and choose their targets,” explained Chief Daly.

Ironically, crooks may have even more targets to choose from with more people around the house all day, according to Chief Daly.

“They get lax,” Chief Daly said.

A heightened sense of false security.

“You know, you can never be too careful these days,” Maggie Gouvas stated.

Chief Daly warning people spending time in their yards to lock doors to their homes. Thieves are walking in and away with highly sought after Xboxes and expensive video games. Chief Daly says they don’t want television.

“They’ll try to go for small items, so if we come upon them, they can dump it like jewelry,” Chief Daly explained.

“That’s a very scary situation,” said Gouvas.

Even scarier, police say is the possibility a property owner may walk up on a thief in the act.

“Always double locked and we have an alarm system. Always, Just in case. You never know,” Gouvas added.


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