Cell phone video shows fight at local high school

A student brawl at Cheltenham High School was caught on camera. Witnesses say a teacher was knocked out as a result of the fight.

The video shows two female students face-to-face arguing and pushing. They quickly come to blows and a second pair of girls come into view and mayhem ensues.

"I just saw people running outside of the door. I heard a lot of noise."

14-year-old freshman Zayna Jaco was in a nearby classroom.

"A girl in my class told me there had been tension and this was the result of that," she explained.

The video captures the girls battling on the floor while an adult moves in to break it up. The phone swings towards a wall where a woman in gray--identified by students as a teacher--working to stop the fight is struck in the face as a student swings her arm. She collapses to the floor.

As students gathered outside at lunch, they yelled details of the fights to reporters and shared their video.

In a statement posted on the district's website administrators wrote:

"At approximately 7:30 AM, four Cheltenham High School students were involved themselves in a physical altercation. The students involved in the situation were immediately removed."

One parent of three students rushed to the school when told of the fight.

"They said there's been an incident and it is troubling and I wanted to make sure my children were OK," Denise Marshall said.

She left her children in their classes. Zayna Jaco, a serious student interested in math and science, says hallway violence here is constant.

"There's been fights every day for the past month. It is real bad," she explained.

Repeated calls to the school spokesperson were not immediately returned for comment. We have not heard back from police.