Center City Philly Cupcake Company Faced with the Heartbreak of Closing its Doors

Six years ago Philly Cupcake Company came to the corner of 12th St. and Market with a bright store and a positive attitude.

They developed in the area when few companies would, but now that huge development is flocking there they may be run out of business.

The owners state that business was good, so much so that the company was receiving offers to buy their business and even considering expansion.

However, when millions of dollars of retail and housing development began coming to the area the construction began negatively impacting their business in a big way.

The closed sidewalks and loss of parking spaces has caused the Philly Cupcake Company many issues with attracting customers. Without this space the little business that helped spark growth will have to close at that location before seeing the full impact of their beneficial commitment to the neighborhood.

As of the end of the month the corner of 12th and Market will no longer house Philly Cupcake Company. The owners say the City Commerce Department offered the company a list of other available locations to move the store if no other solutions are found.