Charges pending after teen shot in both hands over beer

"Charges are pending further investigation," according to police, after a Summerdale beer distributor fired his gun and hit a 16-year-old boy in both of his hands. That teen is now in stable condition.

Police say they got a call at 11:42pm Monday about a person with a gun in the 800 block of Sanger Street at Summerdale Avenue.

They say the store owner told them the teen was too young to be in his store, and he denied the teen beer and cigars. Then they argued and the teen left, only to return with another teen.

That's when the store owner said the victim took his anger out by vandalizing the store, throwing things around, and knocking items off shelves. Then, he went outside and knocked things over in front of the store, before both teens left.

According to the store owner, he followed the victim and his friend out the door, and then fired a shot in the air.

Police say the 16-year-old had shown up at the hospital in a private vehicle with wounds to both hands.

According to the teen, he and the store owner were inside when they argued, and the owner of the store pointed a gun at him.

Then, the teen said he left the store with his friend, and the owner chased him to the rear alleyway where he fired the gun, striking his hands.

Police are investigating.

Earlier, police had said the pair somehow ended up at the back of the store when he pulled out his semi-automatic gun and fired one shot. The victim had both of his hands together in the air.

His friend got away and has not been found.

Police also said the store owner, 27, remained at the scene, surrendered his handgun, and was fully cooperating with the investigation into whether he was justified in shooting -- which cameras inside and outside the store could help.