Chicago cop says he's been threatened, terribly mistreated for reporting police misconduct

FOX 32 NEWS - Chicago Police Officer Jaeho Jung has filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of Cook County alleging he was the subject to retaliation for refusing to participate and for reporting fellow officers' misconduct.

Mr. Jung, a decorated officer with over ten years with the Chicago Police, alleges his fellow officers fabricated police documents, gathered information from random license plate checks and generated fake radio communications to portray the officers were engaging in police work when they were not.

After reporting misconduct to his superior officers, the complaint states that Mr. Jung has been the subject of racial slurs, has been told he will be retaliated against, has been forced to reduce his furlough, has been threatened with arrest and has been given false write-ups.

Mr. Jung's complaint sheds light on the misconduct of the Chicago Police Department and he seeks to file this lawsuit to help put an end to misconduct. Mr. Jung has received over 150 awards and has never been disciplined in his career with the Chicago Police Department.

Mr. Jung is still an active police officer for the City of Chicago.