Cicadas make a comeback for mating season

Hear that noise? Cicadas are back for their annual mating season.

You can almost set your calendar by the noise like 12-year-old Ellie Dowdell of Media does.

It is one of the unmistakable sounds of the season part two. You may remember earlier this summer, the 17-year Brood X Cicadas invaded the east coast.

Well, now they are back for the annual cicada mating season. The ones you'll see but mostly hear in the treetops from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and Delaware. The cicada noise could reach over 100 decibels which is equal to the sound of a roaring motorcycle.

Rahim Louis of Zap Pest Control is usually busy killing bugs but he says the annual cicada invasion is nothing to worry about. They are not considered pests in fact they're considered beneficial to the environment. 

"No need to be afraid. No need to be afraid. They are actually a part of our environment. They were here before us and they’ll be here after us," Chad Glover said. 

The mating season lasts about a month.


Brood X cicadas emerge for first time in 17 years



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