City councilman urges people to turn in neighbors not obeying pool laws

A city councilman is encouraging people to turn in their neighbors not obeying Philadelphia pool laws. The law states that pools with more than 24-inches of water need a permit and anything higher than 48-inches needs a four-foot fence around it.

The pool issue is really heating up with City Councilman Bobby Henon taking to Facebook over the weekend to encourage people to turn in neighbors who are not obeying pool laws.

One girl's family was reported on Saturday.

"That's wrong. We have six kids in the house. We have nothing to do at home, so we had to have a pool to have fun and make some memories about in it," 13-year-old Gabryella Ferreira said.

Her parents received a notice from the city saying they have five days to remove the pool or they could face a fine of $150-2,000.  The family's pool has since been drained and is being taken down

"I'm really sad about it so are my brothers and sister," Ferreira explained.

Some comments on Facebook are praising Henon for taking action while others are not so happy.

One person said, "I love you Bobby, but really you can remove a pool but not open-air drug dealers at K&A. I'm impressed."

FOX 29 reached out to Councilman Henon but have not heard back at this time.