Cleaning up after festive 4th concert, fireworks interrupted by downpour

First, the fun: spectacular Fourth of July fireworks lighting up the night sky. Now, the inevitable clean-up. In between, a sudden storm that even delayed the headliner, Mary J. Blige.

The Wawa Welcome America celebration brought thousands of loud fans, and it's always a big mess when thousands of people gather in one area.

Tuesday night was the end of the six-day Independence Day festival that featured more than 50 free events all across the city.

Philly's own Boyz 2 Men performed. Then, the skies opened up. That delayed the music for a bit but finally the show continued with Mary J., the queen of hip hop.

FOX 29's Lauren Johnson reports workers spent the morning getting things back in order.

The next big party on the Parkway will be only a few weeks away when Jay Z puts on Made In America.