Cleanup underway across the Delaware Valley after strong storms topple trees

Sunday was a day to clean-up for many, as powerful rain and wind whipped through the area Saturday night.

Mother Nature stopped a cab driver in his tracks around 5 a.m. Sunday. Heart-pounding moments for the driver, followed by sincere thanks. He's lucky he's going to be okay.

"A big tree fall on him, but he's blessed. I mean, physically, he got hurt. On his chest and his leg. That's what he told me," the injured taxi driver's friend said.

The man said it was his friend who was behind the wheel of the taxi heading south on 44th Street when a tree near Spruce split in half, toppled and smacked the front half of his car. The damage speaks for itself.

"He's concerned about his kids. He's my best friend, I mean, he loves his kids, he loves his wife," the friend added.

The panicked feeling settled once the man realized he suffered fairly minor injuries. He's recovering at Mercy Hospital.

It took city crews hours to remove the tree from the roadway. There was damage to at least one parked car.

Cleanup crews were needed throughout the city after hours of heavy rainfall. In Chestnut Hill, a downed tree caught power lines. A neighbor told FOX 29 he didn't notice a service interruption but a portion of Springfield Avenue at Germantown was closed off to traffic for several hours because of the debris.

Around 2 a.m. Sunday, the storm knocked down a tree in Manayunk near I76 making it difficult to get onto the expressway.

Divers are urged to beware of more messy scenes throughout the week, as FOX 29 meteorologists are forecasting the rain to linger for the next several days.

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