Clinton, Katy Perry stump at the Mann Center Saturday

The Mann Center was full of diehard Democrats lured by the star power of both their candidate and their favorite musical performer.

A nearly packed Mann Center on their feet for pop star Katy Perry as she sang and stumped for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"We are all working our hearts out in the final sprint in this election and we need your help."

"It's your turn Philadelphia!"

Clinton herself urging supporters to get out the vote November 8.

Unlike previous stops in PA, Clinton did not directly address republican opponent Donald Trump. Nor did she mention the renewed FBI investigation into a private email server that has dogged her campaign. Her remarks tonight focusing on rallying Democratic turnout in a hard push for this hotly contested battleground state.

"I want you to be able to say I voted for a better fairer stronger America where everyone has a chance for the American dream."

Perry performed hits like "Roar" and "Dark Horse" to an energized crowd.

"They had me with Hillary; they got me here with Katy."

Harrison and Mom already Clinton supporters, drawn to the rally by free tickets to see their favorite performer. They waited for hours in line for the first come first serve seats.

"I would never go to a Katy Perry concert, just too perfect."

Shonda Rhimes and Debra Messing were among the Hollywood stars to join Clinton and Perry. Also on stage former Secretary of State Madeline Albright as well as U.S. Congressmen Bob Casey and Corey booker.

Pennsylvania is truly a Keystone State for both Clinton and Trump. The candidates fighting hard for the votes that could make or break their candidacy.

Clinton announcing that Monday president Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will be in Philadelphia at Independence Hall to stump for her the day before Election Day.