Closing arguments next in DJ Creato son-murder trial

Testimony in David Creato murder trial is over. Both sides in the case of the man accused of killing his 3-year-old son Brendan rested, and then the judge refused to dismiss the murder charges against Creato.

Camden County prosecutors rested their case early Wednesday morning.

Then, lawyers for Creato got to call their witnesses, but rested their case after just 20 minutes.

Creato is accused of killing young Brendan because he'd supposedly become an impediment to his dad's relationship with a teenage girlfriend, Julia Stensky.

Defense lawyers claim there's no evidence linking the 23-year-old Haddon Township man to his son's death.

The child was found about a mile from his father's home in October 2015, hours after Creato had told police the boy had wandered away from his home. Brendan's position and clothes were studied at length. A shrine was put up at a nearby tree, which was temporarily taken down when the jury visited.

Brendan's parents shared custody.

Next up will be closing arguments. It's not clear when the case will go to the jury.

The trial is only taking place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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