Clumsy Customer Knocks Over 4 TVs Worth $6,100 in Electronics Store

(INSIDE EDITION/STORYFUL) Talk about a bad day.

A clumsy customer was browsing the television section at U.K. electronics store HBH Wollacotts when he entered a waking nightmare.

A display of four smart TVs worth more than $6,100 came crashing to the floor as the man was in the middle of perusing the selection.

"Staff were devastated when it happened," Mike Collins, an assistant manager at the St. Austell store, told West Brighton.

Collins said he had the day off, but returned to watch the scene captured on the store's surveillance cameras.

"My manager just said, 'You will never guess what had happened,'" Collins said. "I was very shocked."

ccording to the surveillance footage, the man appears to kneel as he inspects a television on display. He then knocks over a television, which bumps another television, and both come crashing to the ground.

The customer springs backward in shock, and instead of grabbing a wall, he knocks over an adjacent display of two televisions immediately behind him.

A store employee appears to assess the damage, and both men can be seen finally throwing their arms up, as if in bewilderment.

A curved Samsung TV and two Panasonic TVs were among the merchandise that was damaged.

The store has not yet confirmed whether the customer will pay for the damages.