Community groups hold vigil to honor Florida shooting victims

They gathered to honor the victims of the Parkland school shooting and to rally for stricter gun laws specifically a ban on assault weapons.

"United we stand. Demand the ban," shouted the crowd of dozens gathered outside City Hall.

"This should not be happening," said Movita Johnson-Harrell. Many were overcome with grief and emotion because they know the pain of gun violence personally.

"One night he was going to pick up his sister in a neighborhood where two guys were fighting over a girl. They thought he was one of the guys coming back to retaliate and they shot him four times," said Yancy Harrell. He broke down in tears talking about the murder of his youngest son Charles.

The rally in Philly comes on the same day that students in Florida boarded busses to travel to the state capitol to lobby lawmakers on gun laws. Democrats hoped to have the bill heard but the republican majority house voted it down 73 to 26. Still tonight more students are arriving in Tallahassee to continue the fight ahead of a rally Wednesday.

"We're going to talk to these politicians tomorrow, we're going to talk to them the day after that and we're going to keep talking. We're going to keep pushing until something is done because people are dying and this can't happen anymore," said a student who just arrived in Tallahassee.