Community helps send South Jersey teen to prom

A South Jersey teen going through a difficult time while her mom battles cancer is having a senior prom she'll never forget. It's all thanks to her very own fairy prom mother and the community.

It's that one night of the year--senior year in high school--no books or teachers just young adults dressed to the nines getting ready for prom. This 17-year-old senior wouldn't be here if not for a community effort.

"My friends would ask me what's wrong and stuff and I wouldn't tell them only my best friend I told her. I kept everything to myself and one day I just let it out," Makaila McNear said.

"I'm usually the breadwinner last year I couldn't do it all," her mom, Markita, said. "I was diagnosed with breast cancer."
A diagnosis that sidetracked the McNear family and their finances and Makaila wasn't planning on prom or anything else and then came local business owner Tiarra Louis-Jean.

"I want to help somebody go to prom this year and then everybody started to say I want to donate this so I can help with that and we just went from there," she said.

Makaila's aunt contacted Tiarra when she heard about the prom giveaway.

"When I read her story, it really touched me and it's something I always wanted to do," Tiarra said.

Tiarra owns a hair salon and she put together a glam team, plus she got someone else to donate the gown and accessories.

"I was excited I was telling my friends I'm going to the prom I'm going to have a make up my make up done and all that stuff I was really hype," Makaila said. "I want to thank everybody for helping me."

Her mom said, " I was just thankful for Tiara, her family and friends and it's a blessing for real--a true blessing for real."

Good news to report, Makaila's mom is now in remission.