Community Steps Up To Help Expectant Mother After House Fire

HADDON TWP. , NJ (WTXF)- Imagine you're seven months pregnant, your mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and the house you two share burns down.

That's exactly what Devon Cummings of Haddon Township New Jersey is going through.

To top it all off the house burned down on Thanksgiving Day.

Now the entire community is rallying around the soon to be mother and her family, trying to cover the costs of rebuilding and restocking all the diapers, toys and necessities Devon had carefully been stockpiling before the baby is born.

"Everybody has been incredible. People are dropping off clothes they're reaching out to my friends to get things to them they're offering cribs. Just everything I could possibly need," Devon said.

"Everyone's talking about what they're thankful for. And I guess I really learned that lesson didn't i. What am I thankful for? My family. It always comes down to that," Devon's mother Sharon added.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Devon and her family with preparations for the baby.