Concertgoers look ahead to show at BB&T Pavillion following rail collapse

Less than a day after a collapsed railing sent dozens of concert goers hurtling 10 feet down onto one another during a Snoop Dogg show and injuring 42 people, venue operator Live Nation says the show will go on for Saturday's 90s concert featuring Salt and Pepa, Vanilla Ice among others.

Tailgaters already gathered hours before the show, weary from last night's collapse but undaunted for tonight.

Mercedes Kopack, a concertgoer, said, "I'm sure they'll have the railings back up today in place."

Live Nation says it's actively working with authorities and structural engineers to determine the cause of the collapse.

The city says all of the injured have left local hospitals.

One person with the most serious upper body injuries has also been released.

Code enforcement says the railings were up to par and had no violations.

A county spokesperson says temporary railings are in place and security will be tight to ensure a buffer zone between concert goers and the new fencing.

"It's unfortunate, you can't stop living your life because of that."