Cops: Home Intruder Found Shaving Own Head With Hand Sanitizer

(INSIDE EDITION) An Oregon man was arrested Tuesday after cops say he broke into a couple's home and proceeded to shave his head in their bathroom -- but not with shaving cream.

John Koskela, 69, said he returned to his Keizer home and encountered Eric Avila, 39, in the bathroom, shaving his head using hand sanitizer instead of shaving cream.

Cops say Avila had entered the property by breaking through a fenced back yard before walking in through a sliding door as Koskela's wife, 64-year-old Patricia Koskela, was in a bedroom, apparently unaware the stranger was there.

Koskela first tried chatting with the suspect out of fear any aggressive act might encourage him to do something dangerous, he told the Statesman-Journal.

"I can't remember your name, my memory fails me sometimes," Mr. Koskela recalled saying. He said the suspect told him "Eric."

According to reports, when Mrs. Koskela finally ordered Avila out of their home, he eventually left, but not before asking for a hug from her at the door. The request was reportedly denied.

When the couple called police, Mr. Avila reportedly ran from the residence.

He was found nearby, however, after officers say they were able to identify him thanks to his partially shaved head.

Mr. Avila was taken into custody without incident and charged with the crimes of burglary in the first degree and criminal mischief in the third degree.