Cops: Man Posing as Air Marshal Arrested After Police Find Arsenal in His Car, Home

A New York man posing as an Air Marshal was arrested Friday after being pulled over by police who discovered body armor, illegal weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo, authorities said.

Mark Vicars, 49, was stopped by Nassau County Police on Long Island after receiving a tip, police said during a press conference, WABC-TV reported.

Inside his vehicle, officers discovered a loaded handgun, a loaded assault rifle, a knife, tactical vests and three magazines carrying about 500 rounds, authorities said.

He also had a phony Air Marshal badge, police said.

Cops said they didn't why Vicars was so heavily armed or why he was posing as an Air Marshal. He showed the bogus credential to officers who pulled him over, authorities said.

At his home in a gated community named Hidden Ridge, investigators found more weaponry: 8,300 rounds of ammunition and four high-powered handguns.

The weapons are not legal, police said. Vicars also had illegal flashing lights on the top of his Dodge Durango, which he turned on when he was stopped on a local turnpike, officers said.

According to authorities, Vicars is an unemployed personal trainer.

Police said they are working with TSA officials and the Joint Terrorism Task Force on the case.

Vicars pleaded not guilty Friday afternoon to several weapons charges and was being held in lieu of $300,000 bail, the New York Daily News reported.

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