Cops: Young Mother Drives Into Lake With 2-Year-Old Daughter, Trying To Kill Them Both

(INSIDE EDITION) An Ohio woman plowed a car carrying her 2-year-old daughter into a lake, trying to kill herself and her child, according to police.

Dee'Andra McGhee, 24, and her toddler were rescued from the sinking car by witnesses who said the woman drove straight into the lake and never slowed down, according to reports.

The mom, who has a history of psychiatric issues, did not have custody of her daughter and did not own the Chevrolet Cobalt she was driving, the Akron Beacon Journal said.

The daughter had been in the care of her grandmother, police said.

McGhee has been charged with attempted murder, child endangerment and criminal damaging.

Mother and daughter were treated for non-life-threatening injuries Monday evening. The toddler is back with her grandmother, police said.

Witness Amanda Teter screamed "What are you doing? What are you doing?" at McGhee as she saw the child's beaded braids in the backseat.

Two men ran into the muddy water and pulled the woman and child from the car.

"She didn't say a word, from the time it started until she was treated and taken away by paramedics," Teter said of McGhee, according to the paper. "She acted like she was in another world, like she was in a haze."

McGhee is being held without bail, according to online jail records. It was not clear if she had entered a plea.

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