Coronavirus cases rising in young people in New Jersey and Delaware

Officials are condemning recklessness and emphasising safety guidelines after rising numbers show an increase in young people contracting COVID-19. 

“I could definitely be more serious about it. I’ve been around people. I could definitely wear a mask more,” said Chloe Kluender of Chadds Ford.

New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy says that there has been an increase in residents 29 years old and younger contracting the virus, and he’s willing to call out people that aren’t following safety guidelines. 

“There’s no reason to be a knucklehead,” he said. “Keep distance, wear face coverings, be smart, courteous," Murphy said.

In Delaware, Governor John Carney says COVID-19 numbers are increasing among people 18 to 34 years old.

“We’re seeing a little of that here indicative of behavior of young people anxious to get back outside, back to the beaches,” he said.

Public health officials have said that as regions begin to open, a rise in the virus was possible, but they hope that youth continue to socially distance themselves and wear face masks to contain any further spread.

“Usually they’re pretty reckless when it comes to social distancing. I would say they’re not keeping the regulated 6-feet apart, especially in large groups,” said Ivan.

In his Wednesday briefing, Murphy added that he believes young people are contracting the virus because of very close indoor proximities to others. 

Outside, in the summer breeze, some feel that they do not need to wear masks anymore. 

“Definitely groups of people, like at night, there’s not really 6-feet. You can look around nobody’s really following that,” said Kluender.

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