Couple Give Thanks After Officer Buys Toddler New Car Seat

LEWISVILLE, TX (FOX 4)- A young couple is giving thanks for a Lewisville police officer's judgment call during a recent traffic stop.

The driver was trying to make it through a yellow light while coming out of a shopping center, but she turned on red.

The officer who pulled her over noticed her baby's car seat was in bad shape. She said she bought it used and it was all she could afford.

Instead of giving her a ticket, Officer Jeremy Reyna went to a nearby Walmart and bought a brand new car seat for the family.

"And he said, 'Just pay it forward to the next person,'" said Nicole Dean, the baby's mother "…That he just wanted to see our son safe."

The officer also showed them how to properly install the car seat.

The family wrote a Facebook post thanking Officer Renya, which also caught the attention of the chief of police, who recognized Reyna in his weekly executive summary.

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