Couple Marries in Hospital As Groom's Battle With Cancer Takes Turn Before Dream Wedding

Caleb Hanby and his new wife Bethany weren't going to let anything stop them from tying the knot.

The two were married in Caleb's hospital room last Thursday, after Caleb experienced difficulty breathing during his battle with a rare form of jaw cancer.

According to The Daily Mail, Caleb, 28, and Bethany, 26, met last July and have since been inseparable.

Caleb was diagnosed with stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma, after his dentist originally believed it was small issue with a joint in his jaw.

After his diagnosis, the tumor continued to grow for the next year, despite chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The couple managed to persevere through some difficult months and were eventually engaged. Their wedding date was set for November 1 st .

That date was then changed to October 11 th after Bethany's best friend Brittney entered their story into a competition and won them a wedding worth $100,000.

When Caleb's health took a turn last Thursday, the couple realized their time may be running out.

So, with the help of doctors and nurses, the pair got married in Caleb's hospital room later that day.

According to The Daily Mail, the hospital kitchen prepared a wedding cake, while Dr. Todd Rice bought two rings from the gift shop .

The sweetest wedding you ever did see!! Mr. & Mrs. Hanby 9.24.15

Brittney posted video of the touching ceremony on Facebook.

On Monday, Caleb was moved to hospice, and hospital staff arranged to have the couple's official marriage certificate to them.

Thursday, Caleb was said to be resting with Bethany by his side.