Couple provides safe space for Philadelphia's youth amid rampant gun violence

A Philadelphia couple is striving to shield the city's youth from rampant gun violence and crime by providing a safe haven after the school bell rings. 

Jamaine and Taryn Arthur started helping kids get off the streets and find positive things to do a few years ago after a young man in the neighborhood was murdered.

"They age out of things they go straight to the street it happens every time, so we got to stop it," Jamaine said.

They started Hood Savior House after a Queen Village church donate a property to use as their safe space for kids to use for education and fun. 

"I know my daughter refers to us as everyone’s parents just kind of bringing them in and just kind of doing what I would do for my own children," Taryn told FOX 29. 

The program is free of charge and open to kids from all over the city. 

"I want people to know that they should come here because wandering around in the streets is not good for other people," Fajr Crumpspan, a second-grader, said.

The next step for the Hood Savior House is to offer GED classes and different types of workshops.