Couple recreates wedding day photos after no-show photographer

A couple from Michigan got married in September, and though wedding attendees were able to capture moments on their cell phones, the couple were cheated out of professional photographs from a no-show photographer.

Heather and Matt Koehler married on September 12.

After the disappointment that day, Dana Lyn Gruszynski, owner of DanaG Photography reached out to the couple to extend a kind gesture.

According to Storyful, Gruszynski worked with the couple's family and friends to recreate their wedding on October 25.

In a blog post, the photographer wrote that the day after the original wedding, "I received a phone call from my cousin, Stacy. She had explained to me that she was at a wedding the night before, and their photographer did not show."

After that phone call, she was motivated to do something for the couple and offered to photograph an "intimate bridal session" with her.

However, what ended up happening was a very emotional gathering of the couple's loved ones.

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