Court documents detail sex offense allegations made against actor Gary Busey

Court documents obtained by FOX 29 detail sexual misconduct charges filled against actor Gary Busey following an appearance at a New Jersey horror movie convention. 

Busey, 78, was charged Friday with two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, one count of attempted criminal sexual contact and one count of harassment, Cherry Hill police said Saturday.

According to court documents, three victims have come forward, including two women who called police from the event held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Cherry Hill. The victims reported that they were in a photo shoot area taking pictures with Busey when the sexual misconduct happened. 

One of the women told police that Busey put his face near her breasts and asked her "where she got them" before attempting to unlatch her bra strap. The second victim alleged that Busey grabbed her backside while taking a photo. 

The Cherry Hill Police Department reported that it received a third claim against Busey from the father of a victim. He alleged that Busey grabbed his daughter's backside while taking a photo.

When authorities made contact with Busey about the allegations, court documents show he initially denied groping the women, then asked detectives to apologize to the victims. He also requested police attempt to talk the victims out of pursuing complaints. 

Police allege Busey tried to tell the officers that the unwanted touching may have been accidental, according to the documents. 

Monster-Mania Convention said in a Facebook post that after attendees complained, an unspecified "celebrity guest was removed from the convention and instructed not to return."

"Monster-Mania also encouraged the attendees to contact the police to file a report," the company said, adding that behavior that compromised the safety and well-being of attendees would not be tolerated. "Monster-Mania will continue to assist the authorities in any and every way possible," it said.

Busey is widely known as a character actor, largely in supporting roles, though he came to attention and was nominated for an Oscar for best actor for playing the title role in the 1978 film "The Buddy Holly Story."

The Associated Press contributed to this report