COVID boosters are good, say local health experts, but emphasis on first vaccine shots remain key

Health authorities are expected to recommend an extra COVID vaccine booster dose in the coming days. It would most likely be for eight months after a person gets their second shot.

Following doctor’s orders, Lisa McCants, of Northeast Philadelphia, got her third COVID-19 vaccine shot.

"She said, ‘Get it, get it, get it!’ She said it couldn’t hurt," McCants remarked.


McCants says she’s a cancer survivor with Lupus and POTS Syndrome, and showing up for another shot at the Black Doctors COVID Consortium in North Philly was a life or death decision, for her.

"I wanna make sure I’m not gonna be the one that’s gonna pass away," McCants stated.

Boosters for the immunocompromised, a good idea according to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia vaccine expert, Dr. Paul Offit, but the idea that boosters will soon be recommended for everyone does not add up.

"Is it because these vaccines are now found to be less effective at preventing severe critical disease? We would love to see those data, frankly, in advance of that recommendation which would then make understanding the recommendation a lot easier," Dr. Offit said.

Dr. Offit says until then, he thinks fully vaccinated people should sit tight. The push to get shots in the arms of the unvaccinated continues, as the Delta variant rages on.

"Right now, I have two friends in the hospital and they were against the vaccine, like a few of us were. And, so, right now, she and her mom are battling" Emmie Bryant said.

Bryant is receiving her first shot Tuesday. She says the decision was delayed by initial misinformation. She and others at the clinic tell FOX 29 they are choosing to cancel the noise and choosing to trust their doctors.

"It’s not about politics, it’s about your health and life and death," McCants added.



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