COVID survivor who spent month on a ventilator shares his story

Emmanuel Gilbert was diagnosed with COVID last March. He spent two months in isolation at Taylor Hospital and 31 days on a ventilator. Today, he is on the mend and sharing his story. 

FOX 29' first introduced you to Gilbert after leaving the hospital last May. Ten months later he still walks with pain and goes to physical therapy twice a week. Then, there's a mental toll.

 "I have anxiety. I have depression," he said.

With the help of a therapist, the support of his family, and friends he's trying to move forward.

"Thankfully, we’ve seen so much progress in last year that we know it’s nothing but a miracle," his girlfriend Jennifer Woodhouse said.

Gilbert is one of the 66 million worldwide who can now call themselves COVID survivors. 

Although challenging and almost deadly, the past year wasn't all bad for Gilbert. He and his brother were able to accomplish their family dream. Call him "Doctor E."

"August we actually finished our doctoral program so my name is "Doctor Emmanuel Gilbert" so that’s a good feat for me. So that was awesome," Gilbert said.


Pa. man returns home after 29 days on ventilator, surviving COVID-19



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