Crews search Delaware River for 16-year-old boy

Crews are searching the Delaware River for 16-year-old Antoine Fox, who went in for a swim, but didn't resurface.

Rescue divers, boats, and helicopters scoured the water at Pleasant Hill Park on Linden Avenue throughout the night Friday.

The teenager went into the river around 10:30 p.m. Friday with four friends, but officials say he got pulled under by the current.

The boy's father, Larry Bennett, told police his son was not a good swimmer.

Bennett rushed to the Linden Avenue boat ramp Friday night where a search was already underway. It lasted several hours and resumed when the sun came up.

Michael Greenwood says Fox--a Lincoln High School sophomore--was with a group of their best friends unwinding after a long week. Even though Fox can't swim, friends say he likes the water and jumped in a few times for fun with his buddies.

Fox is described as a special young man who impacted teachers and staff at Lincoln High School, several of whom spent their Saturday at the search site grappling with their own shock and sadness while consoling their heartbroken students.

Philadelphia police are combing through surveillance footage along the river to help clarify what the teens were doing when Fox went underwater.