Crews search for missing swimmer in Hamilton Township

SkyFOX was live over Hamilton Township where police say a 17-year-old was swimming with some friends in a lake and got swept away in the current.

It happened around 5 p.m. Wednesday near Westcott Avenue.

Jarod Tatarek is in shock as the search for his friend takes place from the air with the New Jersey State Police chopper scanning around the lake near Robeling Park in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.

"The current was so heavy that it took him,' he said.

Jared says he and three other kids were celebrating the beginning of summer and went swimming in Rowan Lake when trouble struck after a storm rolled through.

"He went down. He was like going under, coming back for air and then when he went around the corner I lost the sight of him," he explained.

Trenton fire and other first responders helped with the search effort as divers worked the lake, which connects to a set of creeks and the Delaware River.

Jarod's mom feared the worst for her son as she raced to the scene.

"My boyfriend came home and said he saw the news that the boys were swept away. Right away, I thought it was Jared so I got out to the car and got out here," she said.

Now as crews work the missing teen's friends try to stay hopeful, which is a daunting task as each hour passes by.

"I just hope they can find him."