Danny DeVito poses with cardboard cutout of student who took his cutout to prom

A Pennsylvania high school student who took a cardboard cutout of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star Danny DeVito to prom last month, earned a trip to the set of the show this week for a photo op with the actor - albeit, not exactly in person.

Allison Closs told pennlive.com that she "was having trouble finding a date" when she decided to create a cardboard cutout out of DeVito, who plays Frank on "It's Always Sunny," to accompany her to prom on May 17.

The 17-year-old documented her adventure with the actor on her YouTube channel, which generated a response from the official Twitter account for the show reading, "Frank > any other date."

But DeVito took it a step further on Monday, creating a cardboard cutout of Allison that he then took a photo with on the show's set.

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