Defense confident they will clear former Amtrak engineer in deadly 2015 Philadelphia derailment

The prosecution rested Wednesday in the trial of a former Amtrak train engineer charged in the deadly 2015 derailment in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. 

Defense Attorney Robert Goggin confidently spoke before starting his defense of Brandon Bostian, claiming his team will "destroy the prosecution's case."

"The prosecution has rested a lot of their case and their gravitas on the timing of the call," Goggin told reporters outside Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center. 

"The call" Goggin spoke about details an attack on another Amtrak train that was placed before the derailment. The prosecution has claimed that the call was made after Bostian sped around the Frankford curve at 106 MPH - twice the allowable speed - and flipped the train. 

Bostian is charged with eight counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of the eight passengers and hundreds of counts of reckless endangerment for the over 200 injured passengers.

Prosecutors for the Pennsylvania Attorney General alleged Bostian was "grossly negligent" and therefore guilty of criminal offenses.

The defense counters that Bostian became confused when he heard radio calls detailing rock-attacks on other trains in the area of the derailment.

A federal safety investigation found Bostian lost "situational awareness" or his bearings before taking a sharp curve at twice the allowable speed and tipping the train.

Defense attorneys argue Bostian panicked and made a mistake, which they believe is not criminal.



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